Meet the team

Stacy Gunnerson, Grannie on the Move

Stacy Gunnerson, Owner


Stacy has been working with seniors for more than 20 years. She first became interested in working with seniors through the experiences she had with her own grandparents while growing up.  Her great-grandfather. Grandpa Jack, had Alzheimer's and passed away the summer she graduated from high school. That summer she left home to attend college and started working as a caregiver in the local nursing home. This is where she learned she LOVED working with this population.

Stacy later obtained her administrator's license to run a facility which she has done in Nebraska, Colorado, and, Idaho. Throughout her professional career she has worked every job from caregiver to Vice President of Operations for a company that had 60 facilities. In 2016 she stepped down from that position to work as a private consultant because she really missed working with the seniors directly. 

Stacy has now been working as a senior living consultant since 2016. She consults with families and facilities. She works with facilities to help them provide their residents with the best quality of life possible while improving facility systems, staff training, and regulatory compliance. She also works with seniors and their families to help them find the care they need. Stacy loves being a resource to them and holding their hand through the whole process as the move through this stage of life. 

This is the reason why she started Grannie on the Move. Stacy knew seniors needed one resource they could call that could help them through the entire process. 

Stacy is a Certified Senior Advisor, a licensed Residential Care Administrator, and a Real Estate Agent. She has acquired many certifications and licenses in her 20+ years of experience.

Marcy Sullivan, Grannie on the Move

Marcy Sullivan, RN, Senior Care Advisor

  Marcy is a nurse with over 25 years of experience working with seniors. Marcy has worked in neurology, cardiology, long-term care, assisted living, and memory care.  For the past 4 years she has been exclusively working with seniors and their families assisting them in navigating the overwhelming processes involved with no longer being able to stay at home independently.  Marcy has a passion to guide seniors and their families through the complexity of health care.  Her love of seniors stemmed from her grandmother, Ocea, who was her best friend as a child. We are so lucky to have her here working with us at  Grannie on the Move!