Our Mission

Grannie on the Move specializes in helping seniors find the care they deserve and the financial resources to pay for it. We endeavor to provide our services in such a way that maximizes our clients’ ability to have the best quality of life possible.

our shared values

Purpose over Profit: We will assist all clients with a heart of service.

Humility: Embracing our imperfections and actively seeking feedback. Assume positive intent from others.

Commitment to Integrity and Ethical Practice: We commit to do all things with integrity. When we operate from a place of integrity, we hold ourselves accountable and endeavor to product honest, excellent work no matter what the occasion.

Commitment to Excellence: Honoring our commitments. Following through to ensure we have happy clients and communities. Keeping current with education and professional development courses to ensure we are giving our clients the best. 

Commitment to Quality of Life: Assuming responsibility on behalf of the clients we werve to find them the best care and services in an environment that will give them the best quality of life possible.

Lead with Empathy: Listen to understand instead of listening to respond. Always show compassion and empathy: Assume Positive Intent.

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Servicing the Treasure Valley, ID, Grannie on the Move is the right choice for those seeking the best solutions for the following services: